The Museum on Communism's virtual Gulag allows viewers to explore a 3D Gulag camp and learn about the camps in a deeply interactive online environment. Using the latest software and technologies, the virtual Gulag has been recreated using available photographs, archival materials and memoirs.

NOTE:  Download the Unity Player to view the tour

Full Version [ High Bandwith ]

Simple Version [ Low Bandwith ]

Unity Player

The Gulag virtual tour requires the Unity Web Player. The Unity Web Player enables you to view content created with Unity directly in Mac or Windows browsers.

Standalone Player

Optionally, you may choose to download a standalone player that can be downloaded and viewed any time without requiring an internet connection. To download the standalone Virtual Gulag application please determine your computer's operating system and download one of the following installation files. Once downloaded, find the file on your computer, then unzip the file and click on the Gulag program. This will open the 3d Gulag on your computer without the need for an internet connection.

Virtual Gulag for Windows [ Full Version ]

Virtual Gulag for Windows [ Simple Version ]

Virtual Gulag for Mac [ Full Version ]

Virtual Gulag for Mac [ Simple Version ]


Once you enter the virtual Gulag, the system will check to ensure that you have Unity Player installed. If not, the system will prompt you to download and install the player, which may require you to restart your browser.